What Size Postcard is Best?

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The “best” postcard size, in strict ROI terms, requires testing campaigns to determine which provides you the highest return on your investment. In practice, testing is not always practical and/or “best” may be subjective, particularly if you have broad marketing objectives. This post shares what we’ve learned from years of both testing and anecdotal experience.

Most Popular: Deluxe or Oversize 5.5” x 8.5”.

5.5″ x 8.5″ template

Often referred to as deluxe or oversized, this attention getting size provides plenty space to highlight your message, offer and call-to-action and still have room for images and information about your product, brand and company.

Benefits: Oversized piece standouts in the mail and sets your firm apart from others – Large message space allows you to highlight your promotion with ample space for product images and information. 

Best uses: Mailing to existing and prospective customers – Introducing new products, services, brand or company – Announcing grand openings, new product lines or other events – Promotional offers that include product, company or brand images and messages.

Next most popular: Standard size 4.25”x6”

4.25″ x 6″ template

Usually called standard size, this sized postcard has limited space and is best used when you want to send an announcement or reminder to your existing customers. This size can also be quite effective as an additional marketing mix ‘touch point’ to complement multiple postal mailings, emails, print and other parts of your marketing campaigns.

Benefits: Cost effective addition to your marketing mix – Efficient – First Class delivery times at Standard rate postage prices

Best uses: Mailing to existing customers – Announcements to Save the Date, Special Offers or Sales promotions – Invitations to a special event – Complement other campaigns (mix with other mailings, email, Facebook, etc)

Special Purpose or Jumbo: 5.5”x11”

5.5" x 11" template
5.5″ x 11″ template

Sometimes called jumbo size, this postcard can be an extremely effective way to get a new message to your target audience.

Benefits: Extra large size is hard to miss when it is received in the mail – Lots of space for your message, offer and/or call-to-action, product images, brand highlights and more. 

Best uses: Mailing to existing and prospective customers – Launching a new product or product line – Opening a new location